The “Yeast” in the Human Family | Don Bosco Week 2023

Celebrating the Life of Don Bosco

This week, Archbishop Shaw, Academy of Our Lady, and all of the Salesian schools and members around the world celebrate the Feast of Saint John Bosco, founder of the Society of Saint Francis de Sales and our patron. On Wednesday, February 1st, we were blessed to be joined by the Most Reverend Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass commemorating the life and example of Saint John Bosco.

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Strenna 2023

This week also brings another great gift: each year, the Rector Major issues a strenna (roughly translated as “gift” or “lesson”) that is meant to guide the spiritual life of Salesians across the globe. This year’s strenna is:

As the yeast in today’s human family.

The Rector Major implores us, specifically, to examine the lay dimension of the family of Don Bosco. While the Church is served by her prelates and her clergy, there’s an important role for the laity to play, as well. This is especially true in the life of Don Bosco: he would have been unable to accomplish the work he had done without the commitment of his religious brothers and priests or the sacrifices of his educators, cooperators, and patrons.

Freshman Tory Toan Tran (Class of 2026) took a moment to reflect on the strenna and how it applies to our lives in the here and now:

We learn in the Scriptures that Jesus described the Kingdom of Heaven as yeast, which even the smallest amount permeates through every part of the dough. Because of the yeast, the simple mixture is turned into a loaf of bread. In this way, all of us, the lay people, are called to be the “yeast of the Church”. While the ordained act as the dough of the bread by performing the liturgy and preaching the scriptures, we use what the dough provides in order to spread our faith like yeast spreads through dough.  This spreading of our faith is to spread the love of God to the world through everyone we encounter. Just like how yeast makes bread what it is, we give life to the Church and make it into a community united in Christ. As we live out our steadfast faith in our lives, let us give identity to the Church as the haven of the love of Christ, the true Bread of Life. 

Reliving the Life of Don Bosco

Fr. Steve’s Theology IV students recreate the life of Saint John Bosco in a small play. The play illustrates his extraordinary childhood, his sufferings and sacrifices, and his triumphant legacy.

Watch the play below!

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