Technology at Archbishop Shaw

Archbishop Shaw has implemented a 1:1, student to device ratio, since 2007. We currently issue a Lenovo Chromebook to each student. The student keeps the device for the entire school year and turns it in on the last day of the school year. The advantages to using the Chromebook are students always have the most up to date version of the Chrome operation system and all applicable tools, the Chromebooks are licensed for the entire Google Suite for Education platform, Cloud Printing allows for printing to the library from anywhere and we are able to provide in-house repairs.

Our internet is provided via fiber optics which supports faster and more reliable download and upload speeds. We have access points throughout the entire facility ensuring that there is enough bandwidth for every device on campus to perform without interruption.

Our classrooms are supported with Smartboards and smart screens providing both the teachers and students the ability to share visual content from any device. Our students are encouraged to create and share their talents using the many tools available.

Within our mission here at Archbishop Shaw, we prepare students for the future. Technology has a global presence and developing these skills ensure our students are ready for any and all demands within the workplace. Our platform empowers students to generate more complex and creative work by allowing them to use digital and online applications and tools, communicate with teachers and peers more efficiently and effectively and provides access to the latest research on any topic.

The ACT is currently preparing to move to 100% online testing. Archbishop Shaw was a test site in December of 2019 in which the ACT test was administered via Chromebooks. In part, it was an opportunity for the ACT to test its platform and for us to test our compatibility with the ACT. We learned that our Chromebook platform is 100% compatible.

We believe in our platform and demonstrated our proficiency when schools were forced to close on March 13th due to COVID-19. Due to our technology platform, we were able to conduct school with all students being present live and continue with our calendar for the remainder of the school year. Our platform also allowed us to start this school year on time.

Warren Gabriel
Director of Technology
Google Certified Educator