Shrimp & Jambalaya Cookoff

This Year, our goal is to raise $50,000 to go toward
financial assistance for our students and the continued development of our campus.

Admission: Available at the gate – $25

Parking at Shaw and AOL

You can either register online or with a printable PDF form.

If filling out the PDF,

Team and Business Sponsorship application checks should be made out to Archbishop Shaw High School
Arts and Crafts application checks should be made out to the Archbishop Shaw Parent Association

Team Application : Online Registration

Team Application : PDF

Official Team Entry

Each team will be comprised of up to five (5) persons maximum.

Each member of the team is encouraged to wear identical T-shirts or aprons.

Business sponsors are encouraged and welcomed.

The captain of each team will be provided five passes for admission.

Passes will allow team members entry onto the fair grounds and into the restricted boiling areas.

Extra persons (over 5) associated with any team must pay the price of admission upon entry.

Extra persons associated with the team will be allowed in serving areas but not allowed in the restricted boiling areas, which is limited to 5.

A fully completed entry form and donation is requested by September 8th, 2018.

This year’s tax deductible donation request is $300 if a team decides to do shrimp and sides only.

In addition, each team will donate their time cooking shrimp and jambalaya and will provide other vegetables/ ingredients, etc. as a donation to Archbishop Shaw High School.

Each shrimp team that chooses to do shrimp only will be provided/given 100 pounds of shrimp to cook.

In addition to boiling shrimp, teams may grill, fry, BBQ, etc.

A minimum of 10 lbs of corn and 10 lbs of potatoes shall also be provided by each team.

If a team decides to do jambalaya or pastalaya only, a $100 financial donation is requested, but team is asked to provide and cook a minimum of 15 pounds of rice with either meat or seafood.

If a team chooses to do BOTH shrimp and jambalaya/pastalaya, a donation of $400 will be asked and 100 pounds of shrimp will be provided /given, and team will provide a minimum of 15 pounds of rice, combined with meat or seafood for the jambalaya. (Business packages include signage on Barataria)

After boiling the allotted pounds, shrimp will be available onsite for teams to purchase at market price.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

The Competition

A panel selected by event organizers will conduct the judging in a private /separate room.

The teams are not required to compete in the potatoes, sausage or corn competition:

Each team captain will be given a container with an information slip attached and an envelope.

Additional containers and envelopes will be given if a team has entered the corn, sausage, potato competition.

Each captain must:

  • Complete the identification slip contained in the container(s). The identification slip must only contain the booth number.
  • Place the identification slip in the envelopes. The envelopes and containers shall be void of any markings.
  • Fill the container to the top with boiled shrimp.
  • If participating in the corn, potato competition, fill the additional containers with corn and potato respectively.
  • Deliver the containers and envelopes to the designated collection area when called for by officials.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.

Times and dates are subject to change.

Award Categories

Best Boiled Shrimp

Best Sides (corn, potatoes, sausage, etc)

Best Jambalaya/Pastalaya

Overall Best (judged by the attendees)

Best Booth Design


Each team shall boil shrimp/cook jambalaya on the day of the contest in their assigned boiling/cooking area.

All shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage must be handled in a sanitary manner and boiled on the day of the contest only, in their designated area.  Each team is responsible for maintaining clean and safe boiling/cooking  and serving areas.

Boiling/cooking areas and serving areas will be designated with a number for each team. These numbers must be attached to the booths and displayed at all times.

Each team is responsible for their own equipment and utensils to both boil and serve its shrimp to the public. Examples of utensils and equipment include, but are not limited to, boiling pots, boiling baskets, ice chests, ice, burners, knives, chopping boards, tables, chairs, garbage bags, etc. Propane tanks or fuel tanks shall be in good working order and within code as per federal and state standards and regulations.


Each team is responsible for transporting its own equipment, supplies, tables, etc.

Each team must have a portable fire extinguisher at their boiling site.

Competition officials will supply water and drains for each boiling area.

Water and drains will be shared between teams so cooperation and good sportsmanship is expected and encouraged.

No electrical power will be supplied.

Event Officials will supply serving containers and roll napkins for each team’s serving area.

The team serving areas must be staffed by team members or their associates beginning at 10:00 am.

Cooking time will be will vary amongst teams (to ensure hot food for our guests)

Times will be determined at the captains meeting

Team members and associates shall remain in their serving areas distributing shrimp to the general public until their supply of shrimp/jambalaya is depleted.

Teams will be encouraged to boil/cook jambalaya more than the minimum in order to ensure that an adequate supply of shrimp/jambalaya is available for all paying guests.

To ensure each paid admission obtains a sufficient sampling of shrimp, the sample portions offered to the public will be 5 shrimp per container and a #50 serving tray for jambalaya, and the number of general admission tickets will not be limited. (#50 serving trays will be provided)

Teams will be allowed to bring their vehicles into the fairgrounds area at 7:00 am and will need to be removed by 10am.  After 10am, equipment will have to be hand carried into the cooking areas.  Teams will also be allowed to bring equipment onto the fairgrounds on Friday, September 14th from 3:30-8pm.


Teams will be allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages for consumption by their teams only. Ice chests containing alcoholic beverages will only be allowed in the restricted boiling areas. Because of liability, teams will be prohibited from distributing beer or other alcoholic beverages to the general public. There will be reasonably priced beer and drink concessions open when the general public enters the grounds.

Archbishop Shaw High School and competition officials reserve the right to remove anyone from the school grounds for any reason and to revise these rules and regulations prior to the commencement of the competition to adjust for unforeseen circumstances.  All purchases are final and  are non-refundable.

Questions regarding Team Application please contact Mr. Brandon Surrency or Lloyd Songy

Craft Show Application : Online Registration

Craft Show Application : PDF

General Information

Registration fee: *$40.00-Indoor, Air-conditioned 10×10 space located inside the All Saints Hall building at Archbishop Shaw. Enter from Barataria Blvd.

Spaces: *All spaces include one chair.  Craft show staff will assign spaces as applications and payments are received.

Tables: *A limited amount of tables are available for rent on a first come bases at a cost of $10.00 per table, or you may bring your own.

Electricity: *A fee of $20.00 per space will be charged for crafters requiring electricity. *A limited amount of spaces with electricity are available and will be filled on a first come basis.

Deadline: *The deadline for crafters to reserve a space is NOON Friday, Sept. 7th. *Applications may be considered after this date if space is available.

Set-up: *Set-up will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 15th.  All spaces should be completely set up no later than 11:00 a.m.

*Please review the rules before submitting an application.

  1. No smoking or vaping in buildings.
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  3. No loud music, tapes, etc.
  4. No pets or animals allowed unless they are service animals.
  5. Crafters should make arrangements for small children during Craft Show hours.
  6. Crafters taking orders with a deposit down, must provide the customer with a receipt with your name and telephone number listed.
  7. All tables are to be neatly covered and all areas shall be kept clean at all times.
  8. Archbishop Shaw Parent’s Assoc. will be selling snacks and drinks. No food or drink other than sealed and packaged gift items should be sold by exhibitors.  Food items must be individually wrapped if selling.
  9. Crafters may not vacate until the end of the Craft Show.
  10. All crafters must provide their own change. Craft Show staff will not be able to give change.
  11. Extension cords will not be allowed at any booth, unless use of electricity has been purchased for that particular booth. Craft Show Staff will arrange for electricity for crafters paying applicable fees.
  12. Special requests must be made in writing and sent with the application and payment. These requests will be considered and accommodated if possible and are on a first come basis.
  13. All entry fees are non-refundable. NO refunds will be made for inclement weather, or other acts of God over which the sponsors have no control. However, entry fees may be credited towards future craft show participation in the event that a scheduling conflict does not allow  for their participation. The exhibitor will bear the risk of loss in such instances.
  14. Absolutely NO alterations to structures are allowed, i.e. hammering nails, taping, affixing thumb tacks, tacking, stapling, etc. to any building that may be utilized.
  15. A representative of the Jefferson Parish Tax Collection Office will be collecting tax forms in the afternoon. Archbishop Shaw will also supply a list to the J.P. Tax Collection Office.
  16. All booth assignments made by the Craft show Staff are final.
  17. All crafters and equipment must be removed by 7 p.m., allowing two (2) hours for pick-up.
  18. Each crafter is responsible for other workers in their  booths and for advising them of these rules.
  19. Any questions or comments regarding the Arts and Crafts show should be submitted to the Craft Show Staff.
  20. This craft show will be held during but not in conjunction with Archbishop Shaw’s annual Shrimp Festival.  As such, a separate admission must be purchased to gain access into the Shrimp festival grounds. Crafters will be allowed to buy Shrimp Cook Off ticket at a discounted fee of $20.00.

Questions regarding Craft Fair registration please contact Ms. Anna Phillips

Business Sponsorship : Online Registration

Business Sponsorship : PDF

* Fence adds will be displayed from August 21st – September 29th

Platinum Sponsor – $1,000

*only 4 spots available

  • Stage Banner 4’ x 8’
  • Option to speak for up to 60 seconds on stage
  • Company Logo on Event Flyer
  • Company Logo on Event Billboard (Aug.16th – Sep. 17th)
  • Company Logo on Event Page
  • Company Name on T-Shirt
  • Option to set-up promotional table
  • Social Media thanks, with link to company website
  • Free Admission for 5 people
  • VIP Access
Green Sponsor – $325
  • 4’ x 8’ banner in prominent location on Barataria Blvd.
  • Company Name on Event T-Shirt
  • Company Logo on Event page
Silver Sponsor- $225
  • 4’ x 4’ banner on Barataria Blvd.
  • Company Name on Event T-Shirt
  • Company Logo on Event Page
Booth Sponsor- $100
  • Sponsor a booth (18”x24” signage in front booth)
  • Company Logo on Event Page

For questions please contact Mr. Troy DePriest