Service Hours Contract

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All students of Archbishop Shaw High School are required to study the Gospel and to consider seriously what effects it should have upon their daily lives. An important aspect of the Gospel is the care and concern that we each should have for our brothers and sisters. We are each gifted with unique talents and we have the obligation to share those talents with others. In recognition of this need, service projects are mandatory for all students at each grade level. Students will be required to complete a 5 hour service project with their religion class and at least 5 of the remaining service hours must be done for a non-profit, charitable organization, excluding Archbishop Shaw High School.


Eighth grade students will be required to complete a total of five (5) service hours.

Ninth grade students will be required to complete a total of ten (10) service hours.

Tenth grade students will be required to complete a total of fifteen (15) service hours.

Eleventh grade students will be required to complete a total of twenty (25) service hours.

Twelfth grade students will be required to complete a total of twenty-five (25) service hours.


Service Projects are performed for non-profit, charitable organizations. Projects are verified by a letter that includes the following:

  • It is written on stationery with the letterhead of the non-profit, charitable organization or the Shaw Service Hour Contract (if you are uncertain if the work will qualify, get approval from the service hours coordinator before doing the work)
  • It includes a contact name, address and a contact number associated with the organization. (Cell phone numbers are not acceptable)
  • Family members cannot verify service hours.
  • It includes the student’s name and a detailed description of the task performed for the service hours.
  • It includes the number of service hours completed
  • It includes a reflection paper on the service that was done
  • It includes the specific dates the service hours were performed on. Service hours for the current school year must be completed from June 1st through May 31st.


Service projects may only be completed with a non-profit, charitable organization or for a charitable event. It is not simply work done without pay, it is done for an organization that is charitable in nature and does not seek to make a profit.  As a Catholic school, we define charitable as reaching out into our community to individuals that are in need due to poverty, illness, physical and mental disabilities, unemployed, homeless for example. Assistance to individuals or family members is not eligible for service projects.  Assistance to a business is not eligible for service projects. As per the Archdiocese of New Orleans, assistance to summer camps is not eligible for service hours.


The following deadlines are established to encourage students to keep up with their service program obligations and to make it easier for them to retrieve the necessary documentation from the non-profit organizations.

  • Service hours completed between June 1st and August 1st, should be turned in by August 31st.
  • Services hours completed during the first semester should be turned in by January 31st.
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors must have completed his service hours prior to the second Friday in April. Any student who fails to meet this deadline will lose his exemption from all of his exams.
  • Ultimately, each student must have completed his service hours prior to taking his religion exam.
  • Failure to complete all service project hours prior to the scheduled religion exam date will result in an incomplete “I” for the course and an inability to to take his religion exam and participate in graduation activities.