Oakwood Center Cool Reward Program

Oakwood Center’s My School’s Cool Reward Program

Archbishop Shaw is participating in Oakwood Center’s My School’s Cool Reward Program.

What is the My School’s Cool Reward Program?

It is an easy way for you to raise money for Archbishop Shaw. Whenever you shop at Oakwood Center, turn in your receipts. The money you spend is turned into points and points equal money for our school.


How do I turn in my receipts?

There are several ways to turn in your receipts to earn points for Archbishop Shaw:

  1. After you shop at the mall, go to the Mall Office (near EyeMasters), show them your receipt and they can issue you a point pass that you can turn in to a collection box at Shaw or our locker in the mall (near Best Buy Mobile).
  2. Stuff your receipts directly into the Archbishop Shaw locker (near Dick’s Sporting Goods).
  3. Drop them off in the collection box at Archbishop Shaw. Mrs. Mitchell can also issue points passes if you want to keep your receipts.

***We cannot accept duplicate receipts so please get a points pass.

***Points Passes over $75 dollars must have a receipt attached.

***Purchases over $500 please see Mrs. Mitchell or the Mall Office staff.

Please tell your friends, grandparents and neighbors to save their receipts!

Anyone can turn in points for Archbishop Shaw!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Mitchell at 504-340-6727 or by email at mitchell4@archbishopshaw.us.