Student Retreats

Over the course of a student’s career at Archbishop Shaw High School, all students will have had several retreat experiences. Each year students go on a grade level retreat which is held at the school and led by the Peer Ministry Students. These retreats are themed and give students an opportunity to reflect on their faith formation as they develop into young men of faith getting ready to go out into the world.

In addition to the grade level retreats, students can apply to attend Salesian Leadership Retreats which brings together students from all of the Salesian schools in the Eastern half of the States. These retreats are called the October Leadership Retreat & the March Leadership Retreat which are held in the months of their given name. These retreats focus on preparing junior students to lead the school in faith during their senior year.

The students are also given an opportunity to apply for Gospel Roads service retreats during the summer months. These retreats have a heavy community service component and is held at different Salesian communities across the country.

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