From the Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Dear Shaw Salesian Family Members and Friends of Archbishop Shaw High School,

Being a Salesian, faith-based Catholic high school means that Archbishop Shaw puts the concept of learning about and living our faith as a priority. It promotes the religious values we receive from our parents and families: the first teachers of the faith. This primarily draws upon the arena of our Catholic faith but it also includes the faith-based values of those of you who are members of other churches. We all have values we want to live up to from our families and their traditions.

The youth ministry program of Archbishop Shaw High School promotes those values and strives to translate them into real life situations which will guide us now, through our young adult years, and into adulthood.

We do this by emphasizing faith in practice through facilitating in-school and out of school retreat programs and preparing and serving liturgical services at school. We work in the area of leadership and leadership development through our peer ministry programs (facilitating in-school class retreats, reconciliation services, Masses, etc.); our Salesian province-wide leadership retreats for all of our Salesian and Salesian Sisters schools on the east coast.  Our service programs, aside from being a graduation requirement, allow us to put our faith in practice, and extend our leadership and peer ministry through outreach and neighborhood service. Our annual class school retreats alternate with a day of service: one day on retreat coupled with one day of service as a class.

Working together as a Shaw Salesian family, all of us: administrators, parents, students, and staff want to continue to respect and honor one another so that when our students reach graduation they are well-developed, and are exemplars of self-discipline of mind, body and spirit (Graduate Profile).

We look forward to working with you all.

Bro. Jerry Meegan, SDB
Coordinator of Youth Ministry