Junior High Retreat

Retreat group 10.24

  • The Shaw and AOL retreat facitiators: (l-r) Rebecca Ortega, Kelvin Clulee, Kayley Matthew, Scott Vedros, Flora Nguyen, Dalton Guidry, Macie Weaver, Dylan Mitchell, and Cole LeBlanc.







Dyland and Macie leading their grouop 10.24


  • Macie Weaver and Dylan Mitchell leading their group in a discussion.

On Friday, October 24th a group of students from Archbishop Shaw High School and the Academy of Our Lady assisted with the 7th grade retreat for St. Angela Merici school in Metarie. The retreat was organized by the school’s CYM, Mrs. Heather Vu. The retreat was held at the Moreau Center at Holy Cross College in Algiers, LA.

An interesting note is that eight of the nine student facilitators are all participants from the March 2014 and the October 2014 leadership retreats. The retreat was a full day from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The theme of the day was Leading Like Jesus. The goal was to get these 7th graders to (1) pull together as a class with leadership potential, and (2) to try to explain and show them how to develop their leadership skill.

The day started off with a series of ice breakers. The students were broken into groups and each group, except one, has two high school students as leaders for the entire day. Four talks were given followed by student group discussion or activity.  The talks were “Fears Getting in the Way of Leading by Macie Weaver; “Sin Getting in the Way” by Dalton Guidry; “Leaders Through Service” by Dylan Mitchell; and Leaders Leading Through Being Followers of Christ” by Flora Nguyen.

The day also allowed time for confessions, exposition and adoration, and Mass. Fr. Lou Molinelli, SDB, from Shaw, was one of the confessors. The Mass was said by Fr. Beau Charbonnet, pastor of St. Angelia Merici. Fr. Beau spent most of the day at the retreat with the students.