Eaglemania & Battle of the Birds 2017

For all dress downs, anything a student is wearing not related to the theme must be Shaw gear. For example: even if they wear a pelicans shirt they can not wear red pantsĀ – if it is not part of the theme, they must wear either their uniform pants or Shaw apparel.


  • Mass of Don Bosco: Formal uniform
  • After Mass: Spirit Dress down attire
    • (Spirit shirt or a Shaw green or white shirt)
    • Blue or black jeans are allowed, as well as regular uniform pants, Shaw sweatpants or warm ups, or Shaw green, black, grey or white shorts
  • No hoodies


  • Dress down theme is camo/black out
  • The lunch time game is Egg Toss


  • Dress down theme is Twin day
  • The lunch time game is Donut on a String


  • Dress down theme is Sports day.
  • The lunch time game is an ice cream eating contest.


  • Dress down theme is ‘Merica.
  • There is no lunch game, students are allowed to change at lunch for the pep rally.

Students may wear Spirit shirts all week, with uniform pants and tennis shoes, in lieu of the Dress down theme.