Eagle Mania Week

Monday January 29

Formal uniform for the Mass of Don Bosco
Students will be allowed to change into the  Spirit Dress down day: The shirt must be a Spirit shirt or their regular Shaw uniform shirt. Regular uniform pants, Shaw sweatpants or warm ups, or Shaw green, black, grey or white shorts may be worn. No hoodies. Shaw beanies may be worn outdoors, but only Shaw beanies.same cloths they wore on Friday (Shaw Spirit Apparel) for Battle of the Birds.

Tuesday January 30

Dress Down – Movie/Cartoon Character.

No cross-dressing.
Costumes should be tasteful.
Cannot obscure the face or head.

Lunch Game – Egg Toss

Wednesday January 31

Dress Down – Twin Tuesday

Two students may wear matching dress down clothes. NO shorts or hoodies.

Lunch Game – Donuts on a string

Thursday February 1

Dress Down – Throwback Thursday

Dress like your favorite past decade. Party like it is the 1260s or the 1980s, as long as it is a decade it works.

Lunch Games – Ice cream eating contest

Friday February 2

Dress Down – Senior Citizen Day

Everyone gets old, students can get a head start on how they want to dress when they are in their twilight years.

Pep Rally


** No hoodies

** Be sure to follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook

** Students can choose to wear their class level Spirit shirt in lieu of the daily theme every day of the week for EagleMania. They must still wear their uniform pants and can wear tennis shoes if they wish.

** FOR ALL DRESS DOWNS, ANYTHING A STUDENT IS WEARING NOT RELATED TO THEME MUST BE SHAW GEAR.  For example, even if they wear a pelicans shirt they can’t just wear red pants.  If it is not part of the theme, they must wear either their uniform pants or Shaw apparel.

Please contact Mr. Marchese if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great day.