Driver’s Ed Revs Up for August

August 2022 Session OPEN | Register today or click here to find out more

There are two things guaranteed with Summer: scorching temps and new drivers on the roadways. Motorists proceed cautiously at the sight of a bright “Student Driver” bumper sticker.

This Summer is different: Archbishop Shaw’s Driver’s Education course is producing more safe drivers than ever. You can feel secure knowing that we’re helping young men and women in our community hit the roads with confidence.

Shaw Driver’s Education is pleased to announce that sign-up for our August 2022 session is OPEN. Sign-up is open to anyone (even if you’re not a Shaw student). Our friendly staff are here to provide a comprehensive education that helps you succeed.

Receiving a Driver’s Education makes sense at Shaw!

Spots are limited. Contact Coach Mike Baiamonte and sign up today!
Registration and contact information can be found on our Driver’s Education information page.

Benefits of Driver Education

  • Driver education can improve safety
  • Driver education courses increase the awareness of drivers everywhere
  • Driver education can improve a driver’s confidence