A COR leadership weekend brings together Juniors and Seniors of Archbishop Shaw and Academy of Our Lady to a new, exciting and challenging approach to their faith and daily living.  During the weekend the candidates will become aware of themselves, their family, their school community, and their faith. It is our hope that through discussion, activity, and prayer the candidates will obtain a deeper understanding of not only their relationships with others, but that of God as well.  COR will motivate and encourage the candidate to live in Christ and be a leader in all that they may encounter.

Candidates are challenged to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially.  The candidates will experience opportunities to make new friends, learn leadership skills, take responsibility for oneself and others, grow in God’s world, and have lots of fun!

It is an extreme honor to be nominated and accepted to attend this retreat that has been a huge influence on hundreds of students from the Immaculata, Blenk, Shaw and now Academy of Our Lady school communities.