Belief in Relief

On Eagles Wings
Belief in Relief
October 1, 2020
Lake Charles was recently struck by hurricane Laura which was categorized as a category 2. This
left the area and its surroundings destroyed and in dire need of aid. The Archbishop Shaw
community came together donating items and money to help kick start their long rebuilding
process. Some of the commonly donated items were cases of water, toilet paper, blankets, and
hygienic items. It will be a long and rigorous next few years as communities come together to
help the people of Lake Charles with no homes under their feet.

The fundraiser was put on by Archbishop Shaw’s Father John Langan, the new
Coordinator of the Youth Ministry. This is a very strange start to his first year as an Eagle, and
yet he is still impacting our community every day. Shaw’s publications class interviewed Father
John about his thoughts on the fundraiser. He covered how supporting others can lead us to a
closer life with Christ. It makes us maintain a close relationship with our spiritual faith and can
help us with our mental and physical mindset. Because it was his first fundraiser, he wasn’t sure
what size goal to set for us. Therefore, he set a reasonably small goal and we donated close to
double the amount he asked for. He was very surprised by what the Shaw community can do
when we all come together to help out others.

Archbishop Shaw had 4000 donations of goods and money to help the people of Lake
Charles. The school was separated into grade levels, and the seniors had the most donations with
1866. They stepped up as leaders, and were an inspiration to the rest of the school in this
fundraiser. They beat the second place juniors by over 1000 donations. Having this success in
donating to the community of Lake Charles is significant because of how the Lake Charles
community had helped New Orleans at a time of devastation (Hurricane Katrina). We all are
very strong and powerful when it comes to helping one another out and doing the right thing.

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