Back to School – Time Management Tips

TIME MANAGEMENT is essential as you start the new year.
Effective time management requires structure and organization.  How you manage your time will determine your success in and outside of the classroom.
Here are some tips to start the school year off right:
1)  A calendar, a planner or an agenda book is essential in keeping track of your commitments.  Your planner can be as detailed as you would like but should include a class schedule, due dates for assignments and extracurricular activities.  Calendars are available on your phone and will ensure you always have your schedule within reach!!
2)  Good study habits are essential.  Including study time in your schedule is necessary if you wish to master your class.  Reviewing notes for 30 minutes a night  will help you retain more information in the long run instead of cramming the night before a test.  Study without distractions, including your phone. Incoming texts, alerts and  messages are a distraction and will not assist you in maintaining your focus.
3) Do Not over extend yourself.  You will have the opportunity to participate in and you are encouraged to join student activities, clubs and sports teams.  Identify 2 or 3 that you can make a firm commitment to.  Pace yourself.  Be selective with your involvement so you can dedicate your best effort to the group you have joined.
4) Get sufficient sleep.  A good night’s sleep will give you the energy you need to effectively manage your time.  Limit electronic use before bedtime and give yourself a winddown period before calling it a night.
5)  Exercise.  Exercise is a great mind booster.  When feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk.  This allows you to hit the refresh button  and unload some stress.
Summary of Time Management Tips:
  • Create a To-Do List
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Eat Well
  • Exercise
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Only do One Thing at a Time
  • Tackle Small Tasks First