Back in the Eagles Nest

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Back In The Eagles Nest

October 12, 2020

Archbishop Shaw has returned to its first day of school with every student since March 15. This is a big milestone and was only accomplished because of the precautions that were taken by staff and faculty. Even though the students are in school now, they still must follow the guidelines. The students will still have to wear masks, follow the directional flow, and social distance six feet apart as well as they can. Every Friday will still be an all virtual day so the Shaw maintenance department can clean the entire school. This will allow the school to be sanitized and allow students to arrive in a clean environment. 

 All students on campus were issued either a green or white lanyard and given instructions on how these will be used for lunch. Cohort 1 students were given green lanyards and Cohort 2 students were given white ones. Starting Monday, the cafeteria will be open to one Cohort at a time and the colored lanyards will be worn around students’ necks to more easily identify the students allowed in at each designated time. Each week Shaw’s administration will switch which cohort will be able to eat lunch first. In each of the lunch lines there will be blue tape marked at six feet to keep students socially distanced. 

Overall, it is a good thing to have all the students back on campus. A big thing that Covid-19 took away from the world was normality. Students returning to normal schooling is a vital part of having everyone getting back into the swing of things. Now, students can use the advantage of an in-person-teacher to their disposal. Sports are now starting back up and it is a good sign we are heading in the right direction.