Saint Dominic Savio Endowment

The Saint Dominic Savio Alumni Match Scholarship Fund

This fund was founded by Dr. Darrell P. Bourg, Jr., DDS, Class of 1990, in January of 2023. Dr. Darrell Bourg funds this scholarship motivated by pride, affection, and gratitude for the Salesian education he received at Archbishop Shaw High School. He desires to keep alive the virtues and values of Don Bosco’s Preventive System by funding this endowment for student(s) to receive scholarships for an education in the Salesian charism.

Dr. Darrell Bourg has commenced funding of the endowment with an initial donation of $50,000. Dr. Bourg commences this fund with the intention of increasing the generosity of other alumni of Shaw High School. In order to do so, Dr. Bourg is willing to match new and unique donations into this fund for the benefit of Shaw High School, dollar for dollar, up to $125,000.


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