Tuition & Fees 2018-2019

All fees are payable at registration and become non-refundable on the first day of school.


Registration Fee: $300 per student
($300 non-refundable prior to the first day of school)


Late Registration Fee*: $500 per student for those who register after the registration date
($300 non-refundable prior to the first day of school)


Technology Fee: $400 per student
(Refundable prior to the first day of school)


Capital Improvement Fee: $300 per family
(Refundable prior to the first day of school)


Senior Fee: $200 per student in the Class of 2017
(Refundable prior to the first day of school)


Tuition: $8700 per student (8-12 grades)


*Late Registration: Due to budgetary considerations, contractual obligations, and scheduling restrictions, enrollment figures must be confirmed as soon as possible. Consequently, students are advised to register on designated dates, and we cannot guarantee enrollment if a student fails to do so.


Financial Aid

A limited amount of financial aid is available to registered students. Applicants will deal directly with an independent company that will make recommendations to the school. Application forms can be obtained from the financial office and must be mailed directly to the company. Recipients who have a tuition loan with First Bank will have their loan reduced at no cost. Recipients must re-apply annually for aid.

Students receiving financial aid may have their assistance terminated if they are placed on academic or disciplinary probation, or if they fail to fulfill their service obligations in a timely manner as defined by the school.

Service hours are supervised through the Finance Office.


Tuition Payment Options

The full amount is payable directly to the school at registration or by the first weekday in June.

Bank financing is an option for tuition payment. The amount due is financed through First Bank & Trust and is repaid in ten monthly installments, with the first installment due July 1.

Tuition Loans