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Tuition Payment Information - 2024-2025

Payment for Registration:

Registration Fee is $1,000 ($1,200 for grade 12) per student in grades 8-11 and  ($1,200/$1,400 for Seniors after March 22, 2024). The registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration Day for 2024-25: March 22, 2024

Student Registration must be paid by March 22nd. After March 22nd, a $200 late fee will be assessed.

Archbishop Shaw has partnered with Gulf Coast Bank Education Services for all of your tuition needs. You may create a new account, pay online, and explore other tuition services at

Questions? Contact the Finance Office at (504) 340-6727 x.2728 for further assistance.



$9,900 per student (grades 8-12)

Total of $10,900 = Registration + Tuition (grades 8-11)

Total of $11,100 = Registration + Tuition + Senior Fee (grade 12)

Late Registration: Due to budgetary considerations, contractual obligations, and scheduling restrictions, enrollment figures must be confirmed as soon as possible. Consequently, students are advised to register on designated dates, and we cannot guarantee enrollment if a student fails to do so.

Tuition Payment Options:

The following two payment options are offered.

Option 1:

Pay Full Tuition by June 1, 2024. Payment may be made online on the Gulf Coast Bank website with a one-time authorized bank draft, credit card or debit card.

There is no fee if you use a bank draft to pay. Use of a credit/debit card will incur a 3.00% processing fee added to the amount charged on
the card. Payments of cash, check or money order will also be accepted in the school’s finance office. The finance office is open school days from 7:55 AM to 3:30 PM (with staff on a lunch break between 11a-12:30p). Credit cards are not accepted in the school’s finance office.

Full-Payment Late Fee: Payments made after June 1, 2024 are subject to a penalty of $50.00 per month including the month of June.

Option 2:

A tuition loan at 5% APR with Gulf Coast Bank, payable in 10 monthly installments beginning in July 2024.

You may access the Gulf Coast website @ ( to sign up for a tuition loan beginning in February 2024. You may create a new account, pay online, and explore other tuition services at
Gulf Coast charges a $25.00 non-refundable annual fee, which is billed in your first loan payment.

Please note: Tuition loans must be paid by automatic bank draft from your checking or savings account.

Questions? Contact the finance office at (504) 340-6727 x.2728 for further assistance.

Tuition Refunds:

Tuition is fully refundable prior to the start of school. Loan interest and outstanding bank fees may apply.  Tuition refunds will be done on a per diem basis after the start of school.

Tuition Assistance:

Click Here to See Opportunities

Archbishop Shaw gives financial aid to families in need of assistance.

In order to apply for financial aid, families must submit an online application on the TADS Secure Web Portal.

TADS is a third-party financial analysis service that will perform an independent review of each family’s calculated need and provide the results to Archbishop Shaw. All applications must be completed and received no later than March 22, 2024.

Please note: Archbishop Shaw is not associated with TADS, the TADS Secure Web Portal, or other services offered by Community Brands Intermediate, LLC. If you require technical support or have questions about this service, you may learn more by clicking here

Archbishop Shaw also offers some students on financial aid opportunities to work at school to pay for a part of their tuition. The work involves light manual labor such as litter pickup, cleaning certain areas of the facilities, emptying trash cans, grounds work, etc. which is in direct service to Archbishop Shaw High School.

All recipients of financial aid must reapply annually through the TADS program each academic year.  Aid can be terminated if a student fails to complete his financial aid service hours, receives disciplinary probation or has academic failures. In such cases, a tuition reimbursement must be made to the school.

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