ACT Nola

Instructors: Mr. Malcolm Villarrubia & Ms. Yvonne Leger

Get Ready For The June 8th ACT!

Students should have completed both English 2 and Geometry before taking a prep class.

During the course, students are taught strategies for each of the four parts of the ACT, and they take past tests.


Dates of the Spring Session:

  • March 30
  • April 6, 13, 27
  • May 4, 11
  • June 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • (11 meetings total)


  • All Saturdays are from 9 to noon.


  • $400 for Archbishop Shaw students.
  • $450 for other students.

*  In case of cancellation before the first class, $50 is non-refundable; after the first class, $100 is non-refundable. No refund after the second class.

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About the instructors

Mr. Malcolm Villarrubia, Jr.

  • BA Spring Hill College – English
  • MA Tulane University – English
  • Louisiana State Certified
  • Instructor of English at Jesuit
  • ACT Workshop Presenter – UNO

Ms. Yvonne Leger

  • BS Loyola University – Mathematics/Physcis
  • Instructor of Mathematics at Jesuit
  • ACT Workshop Presenter – UNO


When is the best time to take the ACT?

  • In general students are encouraged to take the ACT by the end of their junior year. Some take it as early as the end of their sophomore year. Taking it at the end of the junior year allows a student time to retake it if he or she wants to get a higher score. At the end of the year a student will also have just completed another year of English and math, which will help on the ACT. Some students also find it very helpful to take the ACT immediately after an ACT PREP course.

Should my son/daughter take the ACT or the SAT?

  • The TOPS program in Louisiana accepts either the ACT or the SAT. Colleges and universities in Louisiana accept the ACT or the SAT for admission.  Most colleges or universities outside Louisiana accept either the ACT or the SAT for admission; students should check each college’s admission requirements. It may be beneficial for a student to take both tests in order to discover on which test he or she scores higher.

For more information, contact

Mr. Marc Stockhausen at

Mr. Villarrubia at

Mrs. Leger at


I am so excited about Joseph moving from a 17 to a 25 on the ACT, he was hoping to crack a 20! – Linda Middleton, parent

I just wanted to let you guys know that the ACT class did make a difference. Andrew scored a 35 on hi latest ACT!!! Raised his score by 3 points! well worth the money! – Dawn Lewis, parent

I would like to share Dylan’s ACT [composite score of 33]! Steven and I are so proud of him, thanks for all your help. His score went up 4 points! – Shelly Rogers, parent

If we offered the ACT Nola class again, I would strongly recommend. Trent thinks it really helped him prepare. – Shelly Thibodeaux Rodriguez, parent

Kade went up 2 points! – Kelly Cardenal, parent