ACT Aspire Test 2022

Six Good Reasons to take ACT Aspire:

1. The only system of assessments directly connected to the most used college entrance exam, the ACT test
2. The 1st assessment to fully connect student performance with college readiness benchmarks
3. Accurately predicts students’ scores on the ACT
4. Gives educators greater visibility into specific areas of academic risk
5. Delivers evidence-based results
6. Periodic assessments that lend to early interventions

Grades 8th, 9th and 10th will take the ACT Aspire Test April 8th – April 12th. There are 5 components to the test. English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. The tests are designed to assess each student’s performance for college readiness according to his grade level.

Performance Level Descriptors, on the ACT Aspire Test, are presented as the following:

  • Exceeding
  • Ready
  • Close
  • In Need of Support

Grade Level Score Ranges:

Subject: ACT Readiness Level Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
Exceeding 429-452 433-456 435-456
English Ready 422-428 426-432 428-434
Close 415-421 419-425 421-427
In Need of Support 400-414 400-418 400-420
Exceeding 430-440 431-442 434-442
Reading Ready 424-429 425-430 428-433
Close 418-423 419-424 422-427
In Need of Support 400-417 400-418 400-421
Exceeding 431-456 434-460 438-460
Mathematics Ready 428-433 432-433 432-437
Close 419-424 422-427 426-431
In Need of Support 400-418 400-421 400-425
Exceeding 432-446 436-449 438-449
Science Ready 427-431 430-435 432-437
Close 422-426 424-429 426-431
In Need of Support 400-421 400-423 400-425
Exceeding 436-448 436-448 436-448
Writing Ready 428-423 428-435 428-435
Close 420-427 420-427 420-427
In Need of Support 408-419 408-419 408-419

We are providing a link for ACT Aspire Practice Test. It is recommended that all 8th, 9th and 10th graders take the practice test at least once prior to April 8th. Unfortunately, the test does not provide a score and each test is a shorter version of the actual test. It will however, provide experience with the style and format of the test. There are 5 different tests for each grade level. Click on the link below and then enter the username and password provided. The different usernames for each test are listed below. The password is the same for each test: actaspire

Click Here to take the Practice Test:

Username for 8th Graders:
Username for 9th and 10th Graders:

If you have any questions regarding the ACT Aspire Test, please contact Mr. Christopher Whittington at or call 504-340-6727.