Service Hours

Please check the service opportunities section of this website and listen to the school announcements for upcoming service opportunities.

Service Hours Form Download

Part of the Catholic educational experience entails showing care and concern for those in need in a concrete way.  The Gospel teaches us to recognize our talents and share them with others who are in need. In addition to the hours students accrue on their own, Archbishop Shaw provides Service Learning Days that are paired with the grade level retreat program.

Remember, service projects may only be completed with a non-profit organization; it is not simply work done without pay. It is done for an organization that is charitable and does not see to make a profit. Assistance to individuals or family members is not eligible for service projects. Assistance to a business is not eligible for service projects.

Each year students are required to fulfill service hours based upon their grade level.

  • Eighth grade students must complete 5 hours of service.
  • Ninth grade students must complete 10 hours of service.
  • Tenth grade students must complete 15 hours of service.
  • Eleventh grade students must complete 20 hours of service.
  • Twelfth grade students must complete 25 hours of service.

The following deadlines have been established to encourage students to keep up with their service hour requirements and make it easier for them to obtain the necessary documentation from their non profit organizations.

  • Service hours completed between May 1st and August 1st must be turned in by August 31st.
  • Service hours completed during the first semester must be turned in by January 31st.
  • All other service hours should be turned in two weeks before the end of the 3rd quarter.

Failure to complete all service hours by two weeks before the end of the third quarter will result in a detention and may result in an “F” grade for service project on the report card.  Seniors who fail to meet this requirement will lose their exemptions from all exams. Failure to complete service hours by May 1st may make a student ineligible for his religion exam.  A zero may be issued for his exam grade.

Be sure to check the Student Handbook for the most up to date information about our service hour program requirements.